Boren Blogs: The Intro

As the most inexperienced blogger, I’d like to thank you as a reader, friend, family, or whoever you are, for giving my blog a quick read! I know you may be wondering, “What can a 20-year-old college student who has transferred schools multiple times, has worked part-time jobs that pay almost less than nothing and has minimal life experience tell me about anything?”. Well, I’d like to answer those questions too! I promise I won’t tell you what to do or how you should do it. The reason I say this is because, throughout my life, I thought there was one concrete way to “go about it all” and that what I was told to do was the right way, obviously. Attend a reputable university, join that sorority, make smart financial decisions, and know what I want to do as a career the moment I graduate.

Little did I know that I would practically flunk out of the small private university I attended, drop the sorority I joined after a month, dig myself into a massive load of credit card debt, and change my major/career more than the number of fingers I have on my hand. I partied hard and escaped myself on a regular basis so I didn’t have to face the reality of what was happening right in front of me. Straight up, ugly denial was looking me dead in the face and I just laughed right back at it. We’ll get into more detail about this later, but all in all, I spent quite a lot of time in a small, little “woe is me” hole as if it were all out of my control. Why didn’t I have it all together like I thought I would? Why wasn’t I happy? Why me?

A little bit after I left the first university I attended, reality gave me a huge slap in the face and told me to stop whining and hoping that everything would magically come together if I did nothing about it. Playing victim is our best friend when we’re in so called “helpless” situations because well, it works! Sit around, wallow, wait, repeat. Nope, no more. I honestly remember waking up in my bed in my dorm one morning and decided it was time to break up with my mentality. It was a relationship that just needed to end. I looked for apartments in another town, enrolled in a new school, and took on a kick-ass mentality. I got my grades up, transferred once again so I could be closer to home, and achieved happiness through accepting that it is more than okay to not go down the path that I thought everyone was supposed to.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to read my introduction post and remember:

There are 3 C’s in life: Choices, Chances, Changes

You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change.


2 thoughts on “Boren Blogs: The Intro

  1. U are so well on the way and appreciate the journey u are on… I will follow ur lead:-) I learn more from u than any advice I so call give to u!! can’t wait for further posts:-)) Xoxo


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